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christian. >> it's freezing. and will get frostier. here is live doppler seven hd. clear skies now, temperatures dropping sharply. let's talk about the freeze warning just pointed out covers virtually all of the bay area except san francisco. from north bay to east bay, south bay, we expect subfreezing temperatures. this freeze warning in affect from 9:00 tonight to 9:00 morning. exposed pipes could burst. into central valley, there will be a hard freeze it's a cold snap for us. looking at the skyline, here is a look at some of the coldest areas that we expect tonight. lowest temperatures, i should say, 23 in santa rosa. 22 napa. fairfield, 25. 27 livermore, morgan hill, 25. i think you get the pick tushgs going to be a brutally cold night. wile be
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back with the complete accu-weather forecast. >> thank you very much joining us tonight is david louie and wade freedman. cold snap spreading your way tonight. looks like you found a way to keep warm. >> i did. it's nice having a fire pit here, you can imagine what that is doing to firewood sales here at the wood yard. they're moving a lot of oak. you know this cold snap is testing peoples' ability to handle tolerance. >> people joke how thin our blood must be. nobody wants to dine al fresco. >> we have a space heater on. it doesn't heat well. >> you realize a building is drafty. right sf >> yes. >> there is carlos perez, his men's store is featuring tropical clothing.
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>> you're selling resort wear? >> this is california weather, it's not cold it's fantastic. beautiful sunny day. >> a cold snap good for some business. steve ludwig has acres of mrif tree s. >> cold weather and rainy weather, people come out at the time and people love to walk around, and feel like it's winter. >> another beneficiary is john spina, selling fire wood >> people decide a nice warm fire, watching tv at night will, it's a good thing. they like a fire at this time. year. >> the one fallacy is the need to cover, protect, rose bushes terry riley is co-founder of the friends of a san jose rose garden. helping staff maintain the two and a half acres of bushes
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riley says the plants get a signal from nature. >> plant needs to know cold is come soing start storing energy. >> energy stored in these berry like hips in san jose, abc7 news. >> let's turn now to abc7 news reporter wayne freedman this, is the second night where you are. >> it s it's cold last night. and imagine, you haven't used your furnace, you turn it on, nothing happens how do we know when cold is too cold? this this home when the thermo stat barely budges 50 because the furnace won't work. >> couldn't have been more than 40 last night. >> in the snous i'm hearing about it. space heaters only go so far. >> william powell of one hour heating and air conditioning.
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>> this is my fourth or fifth call today. >> normal? during this time of the year, yes. 7, 8 calls per day. >> really? >> yes. >> are you done? no. no. it's not dark out yet >> in downtown santa rosa a bright sun fool nod one. or most anyway. >> it's fine. it's fine. really. really. >> unless you're one of those unfortunate souls facing a night on the streets. then, arriving early to redwood rescue mission becomes equivalent of working for a living. >> if you have no gloves and no hat, and you're fortunate to have a coat or something, still not enough. >> last night, they made room for almost everyone. 80 people. tonight jen gelman is not sure, upstairs they'll fill beds and spill into the chal chapel. >> it equals people reaching
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bottom and desiring to perhaps make a change. >> a change prompted by weather. for some, it means a coat, a scarf ors a vit from furnace repairman, we're the fortunate ones. in santa rosa, abc7 news. >> well, if have you not done so already, now is a good time to get abc7 news weather app giving you severe weather alerts and ho hourly forecasts. you can down load it free. >> 11 passengers were injured today nine sent to the hospital when a bart train's emergency brake malfunctioned in the morning rush hour. the train later moved to rockridge station. passengers were stranded on the train, and it's station as long the bay point line for more thn an hour describe injuries as minor but
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one woman passed out and other suffered an asthma attack. >> reporter: bart now says there was an electrical short in one of the ten car that's was on the train that caused this emergency brake to suddenly engage at high speeds while bart spokesperson says this is the third time this happened, this year. today's incident presented serious consequences. it was scary. >> a normal wednesday morning commute turned into a huge mess and frightening moepts for 700 passengers aboard a 10-car train. it got stuck in the berkeley tunnel. >> the train started to fill with smoke. it stopped. nobody told us what is going on. >> bart operator was like oh, my god and didn't know what to do, either >> reporter: the train moved to the rockridge station.
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>> one wheel flattened from the heat. when we did get going felt like an old steam train. >> the train met by paramedics to help those needing treatment including two women appeared to sfant on the train train. >> oakland fire determined no smoke no, fire. >> there was little or no smoke but plenty of dust from a stuck brake. the incident left the bart commute in shambles. in orinda, hundreds were stranded many standing for hours. >> we have a ride coming for us. four hours late to work. >> with two strikes and two worker deaths officials admit... >> it's been a rough year for bart. major service problems.
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today, service back to normal by noon. the investigation is just beginning. >> confusion is the word that many people use. passengers, to describe what's happening signed of the train this morning. we spoke with one of the people when went to the hospital as a result. we're live tonight with that story. leanne? >> everyone brought here has been released, including ublanca adams telling me thinking about her grandchildren kept her going >> i was coughing and nauseated. and couldn't get no air. >> adams was one of nine put in an ambulance and taken to the hospital. a few passengers were overcome by the fumes quickly
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spreading throughout the cars and they had difficulty breathing. >> we give them steroids to calm their symptoms down so they can breathe easier. we're doing blood tests. making sure they didn't have carbon monoxide poisoning. >> adams says the operator tried unsuccessfully to direct those who needed attention. >> now, they're directed to go to the other end of the train. >> we was under caldecott tunnel for an hour the lady passed out. it was just crazy. >> passengers could not understand why the train doors were locked. >> people are trying to get the doors open. the doors are locked. we're in here with the smoke, locked. nothing but our scarfs to try to protect us. no communication. >> the fire battalion chief told us locking is done for safety reasons. >> when ventilation starts in the tunnel it's an automatic
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closure for the safety of the personnel on the train as well as firefighters responding. >> at one point, adams broke down. she tells bart did nothing to reassure passengers. >> only thing we were worried about was getting us to a location. it's not okay. >> she says it will be hard to get back on bart. >> still to come here we'll have more on the frigid weather. and what california citrus growers are doing. >> the new start up taking middleman out of helping people with hearing loss. how it could help you save thousands of dollars. >> and the office chair that can help keep you warm without heating up the room. we'll
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third day of a search ended without finding that missing plane piloted by a silicon valley executive and carrying four members of the family. the search is centers south in a very rugged area but family and friends are still not giving up hope. abc7 news is live in san jess yeah with the latest on this search. vick? >> we're standing outside of the
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offices of serial tech. workers concerned in their monitoring developments the fear is that if they did survive, the longer it becomes, less chance of surviving elements today search was expanded about 60 people combing the ground. five aircraft two, helicopters in the air. and they brought in high tech equipment to help pinpoint the path. >> the capability is from the civil air patrol in wyoming. what this does is that detects temperatures on the ground and anomalies. >> you don't want to give up hope. you just don't. >> rand says if anyone can survive a plane crash in three nights in the rugged wilderness, it would be his business partner
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dale smith. >> he's done boy scout stuff with troops. with his children z that type of stuff. so yeah. i think he's one that could survive this, yes. >> smith piloting his beach bonanza six seater whit lost radar on sunday. on board with smith his son, daniel, shown on the scompleft his wife. and smith's daughter amber and her fiancee, jonathan norton. >> the concern is that they've surviveed and may be injured but they're having to survive in ten degree weather at night time. possibly with snow coming down. and no way to keep warm. >> command staff will meet tonight to decide the status of the search tomorrow. vic lee abc7 news. >> police investigating a possible kidnapping caught on surveillance video. take a look. a bus driver pulled up last night around 6:00. a woman
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appeared to be trying to board the bus. a man pulled her awachl the driver called 911. by the time police arrived they couldn't find the people. police are asking for anyone who knows the man or woman in this video to contact the police department. >> i want to show you video. a fremont police hope you can capture a crook caught on video. detectives posted this on you tube showing a man going through a drawer on eggers drive. happening to be looking for stuff to steal in front of 12 of surveillance cameras little did he know. the break in happened around 12:30 saturday afternoon. police have not said what is stolen. take a look. if you recognize the man in this video call fremont police we'll post the clip on abc7 >> when weather gets cold we look for ways to stay warm without driving up pg&e bill.
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researchers may have found one. you don't have to leave your office chair. >> it looks like a chair. but word chair isn't in the name. this is a personal comfort system. >> we tried to make something look like a regular chair you can see. the difference is inside. >> i'm in heating mode here. there is a red light f i switch to cool i get a blue light. i'm cooled i can feel it. >> dr. arns led the study, keeping workers happy and save energy. >> this is a foot warmer. >> and a cooling pad for wrists. >> you can thurn >> they found heating and cooling people is more efficient. >> in the library we're able to cut the energy use by 50%.
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>> researchers have been testing the chair out where it's a brisk 64 degrees now. my nose was chilly. i sat down i forgot about it. >> responses are positive. thee brought the key, giving people power to do something about it. >> they have control they perceive the environment is better. >> there is this. two people can have a ten degree difference in the way they perceive temperature. now, they can both be comfort yanl. >> we hope we're going change the way people design for comfort. >> they're shopping for a manufacturer that will make the chair. >> i don't know anyone who wants that. >> this? really? we can both use it. it's cold
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here. >> yes. >> one of us like it warmer. >> guess who is sitting on battery operated seat? >> right here, it keeps me warm. >> i'm go going to borrow that by the way. here we go. we've got clear skies but carolyn is warm in some areas. temperatures plummeting in the bay area. there is a live view from our camera looking westward across the bay. temperatures now down to 46 in san francisco. 43 oakland and redwood city. 44 san jose. already into 30s in half moon bay. 37 degrees another live view of the skyline from our camera. loaf 40s and 35
6:20 pm
in fairfield z low 40s in concord and livermore. looking to the bay, again, this beautiful evening forecast features a freeze warning is in effect and chilly into afternoons. here is what's happenings on satellite image we have a big pool of cold air. we have low pressure system dropping south from up north going to bring precipitation our way. low temperatures moving down over next 24 hours or so. rain and snow into the north. by 9:00 morning rush is hanging
6:21 pm
down. rain arriving in the north bay. by 6:00 wayne spreads to virtually all of the bay area. cold air arrives and could produce snow in higher elevations before moisture leaves us. that low pulls out saturday. and speaking of chaly we have friday afternoon into saturday evening. into sierra west slope into foothills, 3 to 10 inches of snow. and extended travel delays lows drop. well, all of the temperatures with asterisks next to them, these are the new
6:22 pm
record lows for tomorrow's date. into afternoon, won't be very mild highs will reach into upper 40s much of the bay area, perhaps up to 50 into mildest locations here is the accu-weather forecast. we get that wintery mix talking about by friday night into saturday morning. and then, temperatures don't moderate until about middle of the week. still going to be chilly throughout the weekend by tuesday, wednesday, temperatures rising back. back into mid-50s. which at this point would be a treat. >> yes. exactly. >> keep that seat charged up. >> it's charged. >> three people found themselves in the right place at right time. >> why they're
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three people honored today for pulling a family of four from a submerged car on father's day. just by chance, three people saw what happened and sprang into action. >> i was treading water, looking at two kids through a payne-glass window. they were touching my hands, too. i was begging them to help me unlock the door. >> i said i'm going to die now. that is what i thought. i
6:26 pm
thought okay let me go and go to my kids and hug for the last time. >> the rescuers managed to get everyone out. mccormick and two others receive add wards from california emergency services. none of the three is a trained first responder. >> a big celebration is about to get underway in san francisco to celebrate glide memorial's 50th anniversary. the gala will be held at war memorial opera house, an all-star line up will perform, honorees will be glide's co-founders. williams says the event will be festive like sunday sermons attracting world wide attention all of these years. >> so we stand up. and we clap our hands and say joy and also, singing the blues and get down. get down and when you get down,
6:27 pm
you get down to folks where they are. >> money from tonight's gala will benefit mo's kitchen and other programs. the reverend says after 50 years, he's not even close to retiring. which is great. >> good for us. >> yes. >> 50 years. >> still ahead tonight at 6:00 returning to tonight's top story what. california citrus farmers are doing to protect crops. >> a batch of stolen radio active material has been recovered. where it's found. >> and a former san francisco supervisor responds to allegations that he has
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customer appreciation month at subway. we're saying thanks with two of your favorite six inch subs. the six-inch cold cut combo, or the six-inch meatball marinara, built fresh from the bread up for just $2 each all december long. subway. eat fresh. we'll start with the weather. arctic plunge taking us deeper tonight. california farmers plan to use every trick they have to keep freezing temperatures from damaging crops. more from sid garcia. >> for last couple days growers
6:31 pm
have been working to protect trees and plants. the family has trees to protect. they're using irrigation systems. >> it allows crops to stay well wshg water over 32 degrees it allows to us keep the trees warmer that way. it's a safer system. working well for us. >> others will use these machines john chris explains how these machines protect trees and plants >> the cold air sink buzz there is warmer air aloft. so when you fire up machines it's like big airplane towers. that raises the temperatures by a few degrees >> chris says keeping it at or
6:32 pm
above freeze sth goal here. agriculture is a $2 billion industry. citrus and avocado makeup a third of that. according to farm bureau, when it's 28 degrees that can cause severe damage to trees plants and fruit. that is why to keep everything above. officials uncovered material inside of a struck hauling old equipment to a waste storage facility. investigators found that truck. the truck carried a sealed led container and was empty. crews recovered the radio
6:33 pm
active material. officials say it was found in an unpopulated area. >> the man accused of murdering a tsa officer showed up bruised and sackeled today. to set court dates. investigators say the 23-year-old was carrying out a vendetta and started shooting and killing the tsa officer. he could face the death penalty if convicted. >> los angeles county coroner released autopsy results of fast and furious actor paul walker the report says walker died from traumatic and thermal injuries meaning both impact and fire that followed. his friend who was driving died upon impact.
6:34 pm
the porsche slammed into a pole and exploded saturday. officials say high speed is a key factor. >> we're getting details of a deadly shooting. the man went before a judge today the prosecutor says he took advantage to pray on people. when they met in a park collins pulled out a gun the prosecutor says he offered to give up the game console for his life. >> hey, man, you can have the play station this, isn't worth it. and the defendant said naw and pointed the gun at him. >> authorities say collins shot the man four times he faces two charges of
6:35 pm
attempted robbery. >> former san francisco supervisor being sued more than 70 violations of san francisco's lobbying ordinance. a lawsuit he misrepresented his identity and made dozens of contacts on behalf of clients. city attorney said quote, the evidence is overwhelming he brazenly flaunted a law he has no excuse to be unfamiliar. he tells abc7 news he was acting not as a lobbyist but as the company's attorney. >> still ahead a fwaj gadget making big waves. a bay area start up wants to improve your hear [woman] you wrapped the...
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[man] it's nothing but tape... [woman] it's a block. we're havin' a baby! [laughter in background] [woman screams] are we havin' a baby? [ambient crying and laughter]
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positive news in're out looking for a job. saying small businesses added 215,000 names to payrolls last month.
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also said october numbers were much stronger than estimated the robert was not good enough for wall street. the dow lost 24 points today. and appleby's hoping to stream line your dining experience putting a tablet at your table. you'll be able to add to the order and pay your check. without waiting for the staff. technology at apple. >> well, more than three quarters of people with hearing loss don't do anything bit. >> well, now a start up is trying to do something about that by making hearing aids cheaper and easier to get. >> tire onspends time on head
6:40 pm
phones. >> i've been wearing hearing aids since elementary school. >> this is making a hearing aid you can order online. >> we plan to offer an alt in tiff. >> he know what's is out there, founding the company to created learic. now there, is a new company, i hear with a device costing a few hundred dollars instead of thousand. >> making it more convenient and more affordable. >> the hearing aids plug into the computer and a web site guides through a test. and tunes them to your prescription. don't let the size fool you. test subjects say they like it better.. >> i hear computers and your wachlt i hear everything. >> the parts inside of the device are small. you can see here on the screen so tiny about the size of a grain of dirt.
6:41 pm
there is nothing cheap bit. they cut the hearing clinic out of the equation. it doesn't sit well with everyone. >> there is a chance they can have a tumor or something wrong. >> this audiologist wishes he could leave the initial exam to a professional. >> they may do that online. >> for tyrone, price is king. >> i grew up in a working poor family z therefore, we couldn't afford hearing aids. so i am excited this, is something that average consumers can afford >> coming up, trip lets born in i love watching tv outside. and why can you move the tv out here? the wireless receiver. i got that when i switched to u-verse. but why? because it's so much better than cable. it's got more hd channels, more dvr space.
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abc7 is teeming up with our local feed america food banks and you can help.
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>> with each pledge we'll donate up to $75,000 >> and your good deed could be rewarded everyone who takes this pledge will be entered to win $7,000 cash, money. so spread the love. help us give where you live. >> it's a life changing event times through. a couple hit the jackpot with trip lets. so rare odds are better to hit the lottery. walt gray has the story. >> abby, brenda and laurel. sisters conceived spontaneously. mom not on fertility drugs the odds, one in a million. maybe 200 million >> very, very rare. first i've seen in 30 years >> the trio was born last week at 33 weeks their parents are in the early stage of getting over the shock of three.
6:46 pm
>> it's everything at once. i think you can get lost just staring in their face and then, it's just in the moment. but, it's a overwhelming to think about everything still to come >> the three girls weighed between 3 and 4 pounds sxhud be able to go home by the first of the year. >> more kids down the road? are you happy with three? >> this is more than we've bargained for. we're g we're good. >> they are adorable. aren't they? >> all three little ones better chance of winning the lottery? >> i know. it's remarkable. >> they're happy. they want them, not the lottery. >> turning our attention to talk about cold coming. >> yes. cold san francisco, in this column, showing you projected lows for tonight in various lobings. into
6:47 pm
second column, we're showing you the existing record lows for tomorrow morning's date, december 5th. ins records were set in 24 in gilroy. these could be new record lows for tomorrow. you can see it's going to be cold overnight. tomorrow, state wide going to be a chilly day. highs only 47 in chico. low 50s in sacramento and down south in l.a. here is the accu-weather forecast. we won't see a quote warm up until next week. friday night into saturday morning can you believe that? >> no. >> thank you >> yes. >> i'm happy.
6:48 pm
>> just don't have to accept it. >> caltrans hired people who lit up the white house to move their magic on the new bay bridge. a team has been installing low energy l.e.d.lights the cost? $2 million but it's privately raised money. >> it looks stunning i think as it is. >> did they do christmas lights? >> yes. yes. >> in sports niners have a huge game coming up on sunday they put out a fan's guide. >> oh, yes. >> and among things on there should be how do you stop russell wilson? sports is coming up next.
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good evening. seahawks unbeatable at home but vulnerable on the road that is where they're going to be on sunday. statement made back in week two was oh, no. niners got blasted in seechlt just two seasons russell wilson from undersized quarterback project to lethal weapon. >> just extends plays and moves the pocket. you see it all the time. so you know, he's quicker, i guess.
6:53 pm
>> now in a move mocked by people everywhere, niners put out a fan's guide to game day. welling fans wear red, know your cues. quoting now, communication at the line of scrimmage is critical. there is a battle cry they want to you yell. it's like a video what does the boss say? and if you're going to put out fan guide, maybe you want to do it before week 14. that is my voechlt sour dough sam. collin kaepernick explodes onto the national scene. kap asked why he doesn't like to say much. >> i signed a contract to play football. the media is my obligation to do.
6:54 pm
>> a solid 6-second response. raiders taking on jets, will be a home coming of sorts for matt mcgoin. he is suddenly the face of the offense. that is usually the job of the starting quarterback. he's accepting of responsibilities in front of the camera. >> i'm fine with it. it is what it s it's part of, you know part of the job and playing quarterback position. understanding it comes with the territory. and you know some guys enjoy it, some don't. i, you know you accept it. you know? part of your day. and you move on. keep going. >> james winston will find out tomorrow whether he will be facing rape charges a woman came forward claiming
6:55 pm
winston raped her in december. attorneys say they had a consensual relationship the fact prosecutors are holding a news conference is seen by some no charges are likely to be filed finally warriors have overcome a 24 point deficit. ora cell went quiet to electrified today, in video by the warriors head coach mark jackson helping fill 2500 gift bangs handed out by low income sxridz families >> this is about giving back, assisting others and making a play for someone right new not in a position to mick a play. >> abc7 sports brought to you by orchard supply hardware. >> we're 15 seconds late because
6:56 pm
cappernick went too short. >> yes. man of few words. >> he can throw. >> and run. >> night sky just got brighter this, is a live look at what may be the largest living christmas tree in northern california. >> stands 150 feet tall rising near win chester boulevard you can see it if you're driving along interstate 280. it's a beacon for toys for tots drive. >> that is nice. join me tonight at 9:00. new reports of that person leaving extravagant tips at restaurants the first glimpse whof might be behind the generosity. we've learned it is not larry. >> that is for sure. >> and on abc7 news at 11:00 a massive security breech. millions of accounts, how you can be a victim and not know it.
6:57 pm
>> and tonight here on abc7 we have middle followed by back in the game and super fun night. then, it's nashville. and it's all available online with the watch abc app >> our coverage continues now for breaking news on twitter. >> from all of us here, and
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customer appreciation month at subway. we're saying thanks with two of your favorite six inch subs. the six-inch cold cut combo, or the six-inch meatball marinara, built fresh from the bread up for just $2 each all december long. subway. eat fresh.
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this is "jeopardy!" please welcome today's contestants -- a librarian at the library of congress from washington, d.c... a paraeducator from portland, oregon... and our returning champion, a customer-service representative from austin, texas... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny. carlos, our champion, is smiling, st because he won the game yesterday, but because he won enough money to completely pay off his student loans. kaya and brock, welcome aboard.
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good luck. let's go to work, shall we? it's not work. it's fun. it's the "jeopardy!" round, and here are the categories. ....why don't you? uh-oh! a theme! each correct response will end in s-y. carlos, start. finlandia for $200, please, alex. kaya. what is lutheran? yes. have a drink for $200, please. kaya. what is rum? good. have a drink for $400. carlos. what is brandy? yes. finlandia for $400, please.
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